Tech Talk #8 – Sep 12, 2015

WiFi Flash drives – What’s a WiFi flash drive and why might I need one? If you have a bunch of photos or music on your tablet or phone, how do you get those files to another phone or tablet? Oh sure, you could get a cable and plug things in and copy your files to your computer and then plug in another device and copy those files from your computer to the new device. You could do that. OR, you could buy a WiFi flash drive.


A WiFi flash drive works by having a really small WiFi network built right into the drive. Once you have your drive, get on your phone’s or tablet’s app store and download the app for your device. Once you have the app on your phone or tablet, push the button on your flash drive to turn on the WiFi, connect your device and copy files to or from the drive. When you’re done copying files to and or from your phones and tablets, just plug your WiFi flash drive into your computer and use it like a regular flash drive.


Less than $50 for a 32GB WiFi drive on Amazon. Or you could, you know, search for the right cable to connect your phone or tablet to your computer…



Speaking of WiFi – To get the best WiFi signal in your house make sure:

  • Your router is out in the open, free of any walls or obstructions. Try to get line of sight to where you want to use your WiFi.
  • If your router has an external antenna point it straight up. If your router has two antennas, point one up and other flat. If your router has more than two antennas, you need to calm down.
  • Move the router as high as you can get it. To the top of a bookshelf or cabinet or even in the attic.
  • Try to keep it in the center of the house if you need coverage for the whole house.
  • If you have an old A, B, or G router it’s time to upgrade. Today’s N routers are much faster, have better coverage, and are fine for most people. If you MUST have the latest and greatest, the AC dual-band routers are it right now.



In case you’re keeping track – The next minor Windows10 release, which would have been called Service Pack 1 back in the day, is scheduled for early November. No major changes, just the usual bug fixes and code clean up. If you’re the kind of person that waited for Service Pack 1 before upgrading to a new version of Windows, this is your cue.


The next major release of Windows 10 is code-named Redstone and will have a bunch of new features and hardware support added. Release date is schedule for summer 2016. In the meantime, Windows updates will continue to roll along.



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