Fake tech support scams, password resets

Tech Talk #93 – Dec 22, 2018 Fake tech support scams They’re still out there, you know. Like chewing gum stuck to the bottom of your galoshes, those fake tech support scam “people” are still out there, stealing people’s money. They just won’t go away.   I know you’re smart enough to know that no one from Microsoft (or HP, or Google, or Yahoo, etc.) will ever call you to tell you there’s something wrong

Internet speeds, sand and computers,

Tech Talk #92 – Dec 8, 2018   Internet speed tests Do you know how fast your internet is? Do you know how fast it should be? A quick check of the bill from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a phone call to your ISP, will tell you what speed you’re paying for. Now for testing.   At first, the only way to check your Internet speed was at speedtest.net. Over time, their site