Windows 10 upgrades, how’s it going?

Tech Talk #7 – Aug 29, 2015 In a word, great! In the month or so since Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system was released, pretty much all of my clients who have done the upgrade are happy. They’re happy that it was easy, that all of their files and programs and settings are just the way they were before the upgrade, and they like the new start button. Some older printers don’t work with

Have you been exposed to hackers?

Tech Talk #6 – Aug 15, 2015  Maybe you’ll sleep better not knowing… but if you want to be restless tonight, the New York Times has put together a site where you can see a list of companies from which criminals have stolen data. You don’t have to give the site any of your personal information, just push the buttons appropriate to where you might have an account, or have health insurance, or shop. Once you’re on

Wrangling those passwords

Tech Talk #5 These days every site you visit wants a password. We’re not supposed to use the same password everywhere. Each site has different rules for the password they’ll allow you to have. What to do?   Use a password manager.   Many people use good old fashioned paper and pencil to keep track of their passwords. This is probably not a good idea if you work in an office where someone else could