Wi-Fi Extender vs. Mesh Network, and Closing Android Apps

Tech Talk #169–December 18, 2021 Wi-Fi Extender vs. Mesh Network Don’t give up if your home Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach the other side of the house, upstairs, or out to the garage. Wi-Fi extenders and mesh networks can improve the Wi-Fi signal coverage in your home. How did it get this way in the first place? The installer from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) probably installed their connection and your Wi-Fi router next to your

Deleting unused accounts, securing Google Sync

Tech Talk #168–December 4, 2021 Deleting unused accounts Data breaches are common. Security fails even on major sites like Yahoo, Goldman Sachs, Home Depot, and more. But what about all the smaller sites like that Vauxhall restoration forum site you signed up for? Or that mailing list for left-handed fishing lures? If the big guys have trouble keeping the doors locked, you know the little guys have trouble too. So it makes sense to delete