Deleting Junk Emails, and Using DuckDuckGo Maps

Tech Talk #163–Sept 25, 2021 Deleting Junk Email Do you struggle with hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of emails in your inbox? Do you feel faint and a touch nauseous thinking about deleting all those emails? In the old days, we could curl up with a cup of coffee or tea on a rainy day and delete those old and unwanted emails. I can almost remember a rainy day, but it’s been a

Tracking you on the web

Tech Talk #162–Sept 11, 2021 As we use the internet for shopping, research, bill paying, or playing games, we know that the websites we use collect information about us. Collecting information about you is how websites and the companies behind them improve their products and sell advertising. And it’s all legal. But what information are they collecting, and how do they do it? It starts when you connect to a website. Your browser has information