Basic software for your new computer

Tech Talk #24 – Apr 30, 2016 Now that you’ve got your shiny new computer, you’ve probably noticed that most your familiar programs weren't included. Oh sure, with the built-in Windows apps you can look at and edit the pictures in your Pictures folder and play the music in your Music folder. And there’s a Calculator app and News and Weather apps, and you’ve still got your standbys like Notepad and Wordpad, but let’s make

Bad foundations and repaving computers

Tech Talk #23 – Apr 16, 2016 The whole Windows 10 upgrade is pretty cool because it leaves all your files and programs alone while upgrading Windows. Think of it as picking up your whole house and everything in it, replacing all the floors, and then putting everything back the way it was.   But what if your pre-Windows10 computer was a little bit unstable? Maybe as a result of previous malware attacks, an iffy

Back that thing up

Tech Talk #22 – Apr 2, 2016 Windows Backup and Restore Backing up the documents, pictures, music, and more on your computer has never been more important. A bad sector on your hard drive, a power outage, an encryption virus, or another catastrophe could take all of your personal files away from you.   The good news is backing up your computer has never been easier.   Since we don’t want to back up the