Previewing email, flooring your computer, sharing Netflix

Tech Talk #205–May 27, 2023 Previewing your email If you’ve been using email for a while, you probably remember hearing about how dangerous it was to preview your email. Maybe even being told to turn off the preview pane entirely. Today though, previewing your email before you open it is completely safe and encouraged. So, what changed? A couple of things. All the major email client developers, Microsoft, Pegasus (remember them?), Eudora (remember them, too?),

Locked out?

Tech Talk #204–May 13, 2023We all use devices (smartphones, tablets, or computers) that contain information we don’t want strangers or thieves to access. We lock our devices with a username/password combination to protect our privacy. Since we’ll be unlocking our device 5, 10, 15, and 20 times a day, we use our fingerprints, faces, passcode or PIN, or a lock screen pattern to unlock our device instead of our username/password. This security is excellent, but