Brushing scams

Tech Talk #214–Sep 30, 2023 No, we're not talking about brushing your teeth. How could that be a scam? A brushing scam is probably happening when you receive a random package you didn't order. By most estimates, millions of people around the globe receive packages they haven't ordered. You might find things like beard care items, duck head earrings, a nose flute, a Big Foot air freshener, or ping-pong balls in the boxes. Most of

Phishing, and why Chrome?

Tech Talk #213–Sep 16, 2023 Phishing Despite what we see on TV and in the movies, computer hacking doesn't involve crouching over a laptop on the floor of a dark server room. Or sitting at a desk with multiple monitors with lines of code running on the screens. Followed by someone saying, "I'm in." Does it happen? Probably, but not very often. The most common way to go where you aren't allowed, computer security-wise, is

Frustrated with your Wi-Fi?

Tech Talk #212–Sep 2, 2023 Like most people, you probably use Wi-Fi for internet connectivity in your house. Wi-Fi connects your phones, tablets, and laptops to the internet. And also, your TVs, streaming devices, security systems, kitchen gadgets, and household appliances. With all that going on, ensuring your Wi-Fi delivers everything it can is a good idea. Let's jump in. Network speed Think of your Wi-Fi router as a sprinkler and your internet connection as