Tech Talk

Holiday guest-friendly Wi-Fi, Google search tips

Tech Talk #218–Dec 9, 2023You’re all set: you’ve updated your Wi-Fi router’s firmware, changed your router’s default password, and added all your computers, printers, phones, and tablets to your new, secure Wi-Fi.Here’s how to make it easy for your friends and family to connect to and use your home Wi-Fi network when they visit for the holidays: Wi-FiIf you haven’t already, make your Wi-Fi network name easy to pick out from your neighbors’ Wi-Fi networks

Safe online shopping

Tech Talk #217–Nov 25, 2023 With Black Friday, Cyber Monday (who names these things), and all the traditional non-holiday related reasons for shopping, many people will fire up their computers, tablets, and phones and head online and engage in some e-commerce. Here’s how to be safe while filling your online shopping cart. HTTPS The #1 tip for safe online shopping is to only shop on sites using HTTPS encryption. You know, that little lock symbol

Renewable energy storage, energy sources during a blackout

Tech Talk #216–Nov 11, 2023 Renewable energy isn’t always available; think no wind or at night. And sometimes renewable energy sources produce more electricity than there is a demand for. The solution is storing energy until it’s needed. Batteries are an energy storage system that stores energy until it’s needed. Whether it’s for a cell phone, to start your car, or to power a house or a neighborhood, batteries are how we store energy until