Tech Talk


Tech Talk #155–June 5, 2021 Ransomware is one of the biggest and fastest-growing threats online. 2020 saw a massive spike in ransomware attacks and the amount of money paid out to criminals. Quick refresher: Ransomware is malware or malicious software. Malware can damage your computer or your files. Computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, and spyware are all considered malware. I think any program that advertises itself as free and then makes you pay for it

Changing passwords

Tech Talk #154–May 8, 2021 Yep, passwords again. Once upon a time, say a whole two or three years ago, “they” told us to change our passwords regularly. The thinking was that if someone had your Facebook or email password, they could log in to your account to, I don’t know, check up on your posts and emails? If they had your bank or credit union password, they could transfer money. The theory was that

Chip shortages, Windows tools

Tech Talk #153–Apr. 24, 2021 No, not delicious tortilla chips. I'm talking about semiconductor microchips. We have a global shortage of chips. These are the chips used in cars, laptops, refrigerators, gaming consoles, microwave ovens, smartphones, and even toys. There's no shortage of wires, circuit boards, or the other parts the chips need, just the chips themselves. So, why is there a shortage of chips? Few manufacturers have enormous warehouses full of the parts they