Virtual Private Networks

Tech Talk #159–July 31, 2021 What is a virtual private network (VPN), and why would you want one? If we break it down starting from the back, a network is a bunch of computers and devices with similar addresses that can "see" and interact with each other. Private means you need to be a member or have a key to get in. Having a private network means you need to be connected to the network

Computational photography and location services

Tech Talk #158–July 17, 2021 Computational photography Whether you use a traditional digital camera or the camera app on your smartphone, it takes two steps to take a digital picture: the physical step of capturing an image and the image processing step. Digital cameras have bigger sensors and better lenses and take better initial images, while smartphones, with their smaller sensors and slower lenses, have better software for manipulating images. Image manipulation software uses computational

Saving voicemails

Tech Talk #157–July 3, 2021 Saving voicemails Some voicemails are too significant or sentimental to trust Verizon, AT&T, or whoever your cell service provider is, to keep them safe for you. If you get a new phone, migrate to a new voicemail app, or change providers, there is always a chance of losing a saved voicemail. Here's how to back up your important voicemails from Apple or Android phones. iPhone On your iPhone, tap on