Do I need a new computer?

Tech Talk #4 – July 18, 2015 You only need a new computer when you can’t do what you need to do on your current computer. If your computer is broken or too slow or can’t run that new software, you need a new computer.   I’m scared, what should I buy? What you use the computer for determines how much computer you need to buy. These are my recommendations for when you go computer

Make a file disappear – forever

Tech Talk #3 – July 18, 2015 Deleting files – Say you come into the office on Monday morning after a great office party, turn on your computer and find, to your horror, that sometime during the party you wrote a tremendously awful love poem to one of your coworkers. What can you do?   When you have a document, image, or video on your computer that you really, really want to delete, it takes