Notifications, blank Edge, why rebooting works

Tech Talk #143 – Nov 21, 2020 Turn off your notifications Whether it’s your phone, tablet, or computer, notifications can cause a constant stream of beeps, boops, and ringtones at all times of the day. By default, notifications are on for built-in apps and anything you download from the App Store or Google Play. Think about it. Do you want or need your device (phone, tablet, or computer) continually letting you know that someone somewhere

DVDs gone bad, Apple charges

Tech Talk #142 – Nov 7, 2020 Before USB drives (also called thumb drives, USB sticks, and other less family-friendly names), most people backed up their computers and photos on CDs or DVDs. The U.S. Library of Congress and the Canadian Conservation Institute have each published a study estimating the useful life of data stored on CDs/DVDs at two to 100 years, depending on the disc's storage conditions. Ideal conditions were room temperature, 50% humidity,