What’s an NFT?

Tech Talk #171–January 22, 2022 You may have heard of people and companies selling NFTs. For example, Marvel, William Shatner, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Grimes, and many more. But of what? Seemingly nonsensical things like clips from videos, JPG art, tweets, baseball cards, and even pet rocks. Seriously. You probably have some questions. Let’s start with the NFT part. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Now you’re probably wondering what the heck non-fungible means? If we

The worst passwords of 2021 and how not to be on the list

Tech Talk #170–January 8, 2022 After years of security breaches at the companies we trust with our data and zero-day security exploits against the back-end systems those companies use, you might expect that we’ve gotten better at picking passwords for our financial, shopping, email, and gaming sites, right? Wrong. Researchers go through the stolen user databases and compile lists of the most common passwords every year. One of the best lists this year comes from