Computer support scams and what the heck does booting do?

Tech Talk #15 – Dec 19, 2015 Support scams When someone who says they are from Microsoft or Google or Yahoo or anybody else calls you on the phone to tell you “your computer is causing problems on the Internet” or some other malarkey, just hang up. People at Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, etc. will NEVER call you about your computer.   If you do get fooled by the scammers (don’t blame yourself, they’re really good

De-animate windows and un-cleared RAM

Tech Talk #14 – Dec 5, 2015 No need to clear that RAM Are your apps misbehaving? Is everything on your phone running slowly? Maybe it’s not even good at making phone calls? Both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) do a good job of managing your phone’s memory. Your phone is designed to use as much memory as possible to keep your applications loaded and ready to work for you. If you ask your friends