Dumb phones, controlling Windows Updates

Tech Talk #161–Aug 28, 2021 Also known as feature phones, dumb phones are phones without the smarts of a smartphone. They come in candybar and flip styles. If you don't need to read a book, look up the word "defenestration," or check the weather on your phone, get a dumb phone. If you want to keep a phone in your car for emergency use but don't need to be reachable 24/7, get a dumb phone.

Analogies and number pads

Tech Talk #160–Aug 14, 2021 Analogies Analogies are helpful as a comparison between two things to explain technology in simple terms. Here are a few examples: Wi-Fi — You can think of Wi-Fi as a sprinkler connected to a hose. Here, the hose is the internet, and the Wi-Fi “sprinkles” internet to devices that can’t directly connect to the hose. Passwords—Your username and password combine to make the key to a lock on a door.