Wi-Fi Calling, internet speeds

Tech Talk #203–April 29, 2023 Wi-Fi Calling Maybe you’ve seen a setting on your phone for Wi-Fi Calling and wondered what it is. How does it work? Do you need it? And what does it cost? Wi-Fi Calling uses a Wi-Fi network instead of a cellular network for voice calls and texts. So if your home or office doesn’t have good solid cell reception, your calls and texts can go out over the Wi-Fi signal.

Virtual Private Networks

Tech Talk #202–April 15, 2023 I’m sure you’ve heard about or seen ads for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). But what are they, how do they work, and why would you need one? If you don’t subscribe to a VPN service, when you use the internet, your computer connects to your service provider (AT&T, Race, Spectrum, or somebody else) and then to the site you want to visit. With a VPN, your computer connects to your

Old phones and chrome.exe

Tech Talk #201–April 1, 2023Most people have a few old smartphones or even flip phones lying around. So even if you're too smart to fall for the 'you need a new phone every year' ads, phones die, the camera stops working, or something else happened, and now you've got a few old phones in a drawer somewhere. How can you do it safely and responsibly if you decide to get rid of your old phones?