iPhone settings

Tech Talk #165–October 23rd, 2021 iPhone settings To conserve your battery, reduce your cellular data usage, and increase your privacy, here are settings to change on your iPhone. Open Settings > Privacy > Tracking and turn off Allow Apps to Request to Track. Turning this off prevents apps from tracking your activity across different apps and using that information to target advertising for you. This screen also shows any apps that already have permission to

Windows 11?

Tech Talk #164–October 9th, 2021 Remember how I’ve been telling you that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows? And instead of releasing an entirely new operating system every few years, Microsoft planned to release major upgrades to Windows 10 annually? Ahem. Well. Six years after introducing Windows 10, say hello to Windows 11. Six years is a long time for babies and operating systems, so eventually, Microsoft’s list of design changes added