Car fires-EVs vs. ICE cars

Tech Talk #207–June 24, 2023 First off, let's talk about all those initials in the headline. EV stands for an electric vehicle. And ICE stands for internal combustion engine, at least in this case. An EV has no gasoline engine and gets its power from a large battery needing external power. Technically, that leaves out all the hybrid vehicles with a battery and a gas engine, but I'll lump hybrids and EVs together for this

Bad autofill, initialisms

Tech Talk #206–June 10, 2023 Bad autofill Clearing bad autofill entries If you’ve ever mistyped an address in your browser’s search box, like “amazpn” or “hitchingpsttheares,” your browser will remember it. And you’ll see it again, even when you type in the correct address. This helpfulness is called autofill. You can remove the wrong entries in your autofill by deleting your entire browser history. Then, boom, they’re gone. But now you’ll have to re-authenticate on