Give Google amnesia

Tech Talk #43 – January 21, 2017 Google makes things convenient, and that convenience comes, in part, because of what Google ‘knows’ about you and your habits. Everything you search for at home or on your phone, where you go with your phone, and if you’ve ever use OK Google, it keeps that too.   To be fair, Google does give us a way to see what they’re capturing about us and even ways to

Did you get a new computer for Christmas?

Tech Talk #42 – January 7, 2017 Congratulations! By now you’ve got your new computer set up and working just the way you want it. Here are few things you might not have done yet, but should:   Secure your computer Make sure you’ve got your computer protected with a good antivirus solution. Windows 10 ships with Microsoft’s antivirus program called Windows Defender. Combined with the free MalwareBytes, Defender is a good choice for most