Getting spam from yourself

Tech Talk #194–December 31, 2022 Have you ever received an email that looked like it came from you, but you didn’t send it? Self-spam is happening a lot now, and it’s usually tied to a blackmail or shaming scheme. Forging or faking an email address is called spoofing. And it’s easy. Most email systems don’t have security checks to ensure the person in the email’s “From” line is who they say they are—with billions of

Guest-friendly Wi-Fi, Google search tips

Tech Talk #193–December 17, 2022 Guest-friendly Wi-Fi You’re all set: you’ve updated your Wi-Fi router’s firmware, changed your router’s default password, and added all your computers, printers, phones, and tablets to your new, secure Wi-Fi. Here’s how to make it easy for your friends and family to connect to and use your home Wi-Fi network: Wi-Fi If you haven’t already, make your Wi-Fi network name easy to pick out from your neighbors’ Wi-Fi networks and

Unlocking locked-out devices

Tech Talk #192–December 3, 2022 We all use devices (smartphones, tablets, or computers) that contain information we don’t want strangers or thieves to access. Therefore, we lock them with a username/password combination to protect our privacy. However, since we will unlock our device 5, 10, 15, 20 times a day, we use fingerprints, faces, passcodes, PINs, or lock screen patterns to unlock our device instead of our username/password. But what if you’ve got bandages on