Windows 10 Video Editor, Streaming On Vacation, Magnifier

Tech Talk #167–November 20, 2021 Windows 10 Video Editor Did you know Windows has a built-in video editor? While more like Apple iMovie or Windows Movie Maker than Adobe Premier, the Windows Photos app also edits video. Surprised? I was. But first, get the video file onto your computer. Either pull the SD card from your digital camera and put it in your camera, upload videos from your phone to your phone’s cloud service, or

Android phone settings

Tech Talk #166–November 6, 2021 Android phone settings To conserve your battery, reduce your cellular data usage, and increase your privacy, here are settings to change on your Android phone. Open Settings > Connections > More connection settings and turn off Nearby device scanning. Turning this off will keep your phone from scanning for other devices to connect to and save your battery life. Go back to the main Settings page and click on Google.