Chip shortages, Windows tools

Tech Talk #153–Apr. 24, 2021 No, not delicious tortilla chips. I'm talking about semiconductor microchips. We have a global shortage of chips. These are the chips used in cars, laptops, refrigerators, gaming consoles, microwave ovens, smartphones, and even toys. There's no shortage of wires, circuit boards, or the other parts the chips need, just the chips themselves. So, why is there a shortage of chips? Few manufacturers have enormous warehouses full of the parts they

How to abbreviate online

Tech Talk #152–Apr. 10, 2021 It started with shortening words to type faster by using fewer characters but has spread to Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and whatever the latest thing is. Since abbreviations and acronyms can make it hard to communicate if you don't know, or can't quite work out, what people are saying, here's some help. AFAIK: As far as I know. Use it when you're not sure or are guessing. Who can tell?