Computer support scams – don’t fall for ‘em!

Tech Talk #13 – Nov 21, 2015 Say you’re shopping for ’55 Chevy alternator brackets or something, and a super-scary web page like this comes up. The page might even read itself over your speakers.   DON’T PANIC. Do NOT call the number on your screen. It’s just a scam. There is NOTHING WRONG with your computer. Just close your browser and shut down your computer. Give it a minute or so to think about

Bundleware and Unchecky, oh my!

Tech Talk #12 – Nov 7, 2015 Keeping an eye on Bundleware Sometimes a program you’re installing will sneakily install other software. This ‘other’ software is known as bundleware and can be hard to prevent if you’re not a Marine sniper and can’t uncheck that tiny box way down at the bottom of the screen. There’s a utility called Unchecky that’s great at catching and stopping bundleware. Unchecky runs in the background and keeps watch