Windows shutdown process, saved passwords on iThings

Tech Talk #93 – Jan 19, 2019 The Windows shutdown process After you click “Shutdown,” and before your computer actually turns off, Windows runs a bunch of processes. First, Windows checks where any other users are logged in to your computer. If so, you’ll see a “Someone else is still using this PC” message. If you continue, the other user(s) will lose any unsaved data. To prevent that, click “Cancel” and let the other user

Top passwords, Alexa’s wake word, Instagram photos

Tech Talk #94 – Jan 5, 2019   Top passwords of 2018 A company called SplashData analyzed more than 5 million accounts/passwords that have leaked online and compiled a list of the most-used passwords for 2018. For the fifth year in a row, “123456” and “password” retain the number one and two spots on the list. Here’s the complete top 15 passwords and the change from last year’s list.:   01. 123456 (Unchanged)02. password (Unchanged)03.