Bad desktop decorating, keyboards and cats

Tech Talk #17 – Jan 23, 2016 White out If you really drill down into the Personalization settings in Windows, you can really change the way Windows looks - wallpapers, themes, screen savers, and color schemes. You can change the color of the text on your screen, the color of your background, the color of the windows title bars, and lots more. If you play around with the settings for long enough, you can get

Shortcuts, tricks and the current state of storage

Tech Talk #16 – Jan 9, 2016 Shortcuts for Windows, Google, and phones Here are some Windows shortcuts you may not know about: Press Shift and Delete to delete something without sending it to the Recycle Bin first. If (or when, in my case) you have a gajillion windows open and need to see something on your desktop, pressing the Windows key plus M will minimize all gajillion of your open windows and let you