I can help you set up your new computer and also move your data, programs, and settings from your old computer to the new computer. PC or Mac.


I can remove all viruses, spyware, and any other malicious software infecting your computer, phone, or tablet, WITHOUT losing any of your data.


Are you backing up your data? Having trouble with your hard drive? I can help you set up your backups and/or recover your data.


I can take the headache out of setting up & securely sharing your internet connection with your computers, laptops, printers, TVs, Kindles, tablets, phones, etc.


Is your computer a few years old? Did your CD drive quit working? I can make you and your PC happier by upgrading and/or repairing as necessary.


Do you or your business need a website, or maybe a web-based front end to your database, or search functionality added to your site, or even a custom application? Call me, I can help.


I can also help you or your business with: setting up email accounts, establishing an internet presence (getting a domain name, email, and hosting), network architecture and evaluation, network server backup strategies, business disaster recovery plans, home and office network documentation, workflow improvements, business process assessment, and more.

Clients say

Greg does a nice job

Greg does a nice job of getting your computer up and running all in the comfort of your home. It is nice that a town as small as Tehachapi offers this type of computer service.

Jim Romo

Professional, that’s what I say

Professional, that’s what I say. Greg was on top of the problem, solved it, and my computer is AOK now! If you need computer service, call Greg, he’s a delightful person and he explains the issues very well. Thank you Greg for assisting me!

Jane E. Corr

I really appreciate the prompt response

I really appreciate the prompt response to the issues I had with my 2 computer LAN at my business. After getting no response from Dell regarding the botched installation by their contract company, my issues were resolved by Greg. I received excellent services explained to me in plain language accompanied by detailed, easy to read billing statements. I’m thoroughly impressed by the service I received and will continue to use Greg for any of my future computer needs. I highly recommend Greg to everyone.

Greg Schultz




Great service

Great service, I will recommend him to everyone in need of this type of service. He set up a wireless network in our home in just a few minutes and I would have spent days, if ever, figuring out the settings.


Greg is a real professional

Greg is a real professional with computer problems. I had an Internet company make me a web site, and they did a poor job on it. I finally bought it from them, and Greg fixed all the errors they made on it, it was done in the Linux language, and I had no idea how to fix it. He came to my work to look at my problem and then went home to work on it. He fixed the problem, added Google Check Out on my site for me, which I had no idea how to do! I am a computer dummy. Greg is honest, hard working, fast on getting the job done. I highly recommend him AAAA+++++

Victoria Way

What a pleasure to work with

What a pleasure to work with someone who arrives when promised and performs the work professionally! Thank you!


Great job!

Great job! Your work is greatly appreciated. No one could do a better job.

Bob and Ann Lehman

The company service is excellent

The company service is excellent, as always, although we aren’t sure of the technician…. Just kiddin! Greg is terrific & really knows what to do to solve all our computer problems, quickly, accurately, & in a timely fashion.

Nancy McIntosh

Very pleased with the whole experience

Very pleased with the whole experience of new computer install/set-up and more: fast response, accurate quote and information, professional service, personal customization, helpful advice and instruction. I could not have asked for anything more! Greg is a highly competent, knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy professional.




Patricia Jackson

Our computer in the office was extremely upset

Our computer in the office was extremely upset. Greg came right away and found a bad virus which he worked really hard to get rid of. Thanks to his fast response and hard work we were back up and running in no time. On top of that he was friendly and affordable. We are very appreciative!


Great service

Great service, very fast and affordable. I will be calling him again for sure! Thank you!!!


If you worry about someone unqualified

If you worry about someone unqualified working on your computer or systems, your worries are over. Greg is a professional, through and through. He is punctual, he is Microsoft certified (!!!), and best of all, he speaks normal English, not ”computer geek.” Greg is a gem, and I don’t recommend people very often. I do recommend you contact Tech-hachapi for computer problems, assistance or advice on new computers.

Elizabeth Holtschneider

Craftsmen are very rare these days

Craftsmen are very rare these days, especially computer knowledgeable. Well Greg is that person. Having a computer problem for ANY REASON give Greg a call. You will be impressed. Professional and on time.

Bill E

Greg has come to my rescue

Greg has come to my rescue numerous times and he is a true professional. I would recommend to people who aren’t savvy like myself.

Pauline Ingersoll

Greg was on time

Greg was on time (early!) He set-up a new system and transferred everything over from the crashed computer.
I highly recommend his services!

Kathy Carey

Greg did a great job

Greg did a great job, was friendly and finished the job on time. I have an Apple computer and it’s nice to know there is a guy in town who can help if I have a problem. I will recommend him to my friends and family.

Cheryl Harris

As a small business

As a small business it is important to give great service, but even more important is that I get great service when I call for assistance and Greg Cunningham always gives us GREAT service, he keeps my computer system up and running and even makes sure I understand why and how to correct. Thank you Greg

K. Koenig

LONG story short: I got the data back, Greg!!!

Ok, Greg – thanks for accommodating this quick update! LONG story short: I got the data back, Greg!!! It was not easy and it was ugly, but I got it back… BUT, I never would have gotten there if it wasn’t for YOU! From the beginning, you were reassuring and that was HUGE at a time when I was feeling so awful! You just stayed positive even under the worst of circumstances. So this is great news for me – and hopefully for you too b/c we don’t need to screw up your weekend – but we need to take care of you too. So my question to you, Greg, is what would be a fair amount to pay you for your help? I still remember that you took my initial email when you didn’t know me from Adam, and you were so willing to help. I gotta reciprocate with you. Please let me know what would be fair to you so we can work that out! I am THRILLED to get the data back and I know it would NOT have happened without your positive influence! Thanks, Greg!!!

Walt Spillane

Greg explained everything

Greg explained everything and helped me solve my issue in a timely manner. I tried to get help from my grand kids and my son but they didn’t know how to explain things to a “senior” and became very frustrated. Greg has the patience of Job and made me feel at ease. I’m so thankful I found someone I can call to help me with my computer issues.

Judith Campanaro

Thanks Greg

Thanks Greg. I certainly appreciated your professional and timely response along with your competency in getting me back up and running. Yours is a valuable service indeed (bordering on life saver). Not least in your bag of tools is your friendly and calm demeanor in what could have a nerve wracking experience. I will call you when I need help in the future. Carl Sanko, CPA’

Carl Sanko

What can I say?

What can I say? You are the computer guru of Tehachapi. Thank you for all of your advice and instruction. We’d be lost without you!

Susan Burt

Greg, you’re a genius!

Greg, you’re a genius! It worked. You solved that backup problem that has been plaguing me and I can now get on with business. Thanks so much for your persistence and expertise in this issue. ABC Drafting Services, Inc.


I would like to take this opportunity

I would like to take this opportunity to not only thank Greg but recommend him for anyone needing help with their computer. It would take several pages to describe all the problems I was having with mine. I called Greg for help and he set up an appointment time. He arrived right on time and began working on my computer. He’s very patient as he was good at explaining things to me when I asked. Greg is a professional and an expert with computers. No matter how big or small your computer problems are, I’m willing to bet that Greg can fix them.

Jean H

I appreciate the quick response

I appreciate the quick response time Greg provides. Always willing to help and never makes me feel tech-challenged. Solves my problems, yeah!!!!! Enjoy his sense of humor and quick wit.

Shirley Given

Greg has been bailing me out

Greg has been bailing me out of my computer problems for years. I have tried others, only because Greg wasn’t available, & he is the best in the valley!!

Bob Guy

He’s the best fixer around

He’s the best fixer around and very professional with some funny corny jokes thrown in too if you’re lucky! Thank you so much for helping me with the many different fixes! Woohoo! I feel so much better about it now!

Kimberley Bessette

Greg is consistently professional

Greg is consistently professional and very competent. In addition, he has a great sense of humor which really helps when my computer is acting up! He always returns my calls in a timely way, which I appreciate. I am happy to recommend his services to everyone, and I intend to continue calling him for help with my computer issues. Thank you, Greg, for solving my tech problems!

Georgette Theotig

Greg Cunningham made the transition

Greg Cunningham made the transition from an old computer into a new one virtually painless. He took a dreaded task and turned it into a positive experience for me. He is very professional yet friendly. Without hesitation, I will definitely be calling again and wholeheartedly recommend his services to those in need.

Judy Muell

I recommend him highly.

Greg is fantastic. Really knows his business and fast also. I recommend him highly.

Rose Knisley

Was good to meet ya

Was good to meet ya… Sent off my daughters computer back to HP.. Hope they can fix it. I have nominated you as the official “Stephens Family” computer guy. congrats!!!

David Stephens

I called for help with our computer

I called for help with our computer since it kept shutting down over a weeks time and my husband and I could not fix it. Hence, we both wanted to throw the thing out the window! Greg came out the very next morning and not only fixed our computer but deleted some things and added some things we needed. He is reasonable too. I hope he doesn’t get too busy to help us folks who just want our computers to work as the tools they should be. I am recommending him to my mother whom spends too much time getting irritated trying to fix her computer!

A. Sampson

Greg Cunningham is the man to call

Greg Cunningham is the man to call for any computer related problems you may have. He is prompt to return calls, he shows up on time and gets the job done.. He doesn’t make you feel like a dummy even if you are the one who caused your own problem.. his professionalism is very reassuring. He’s very tenacious.. he stays with it until the problem is solved! His wry sense of humor takes the edge off your anxiety level and that is a wonderful trait to have. I can highly recommend Greg… I give him Five Stars!!

Linda Stivers

Greg is the greatest!

Greg is the greatest! He calmly and competently gets the job done. It’s reassuring to know he is a phone call away.

Tina Fisher Forde

Thanks for the quick service

Thanks for the quick service. You are a great asset to my business.

Bill LaMonte

You are the best computer tech

You are the best computer tech I have found. You are very patient and have helped my husband and myself tremendously. I appreciate the fact that you respond quickly and come to our home and help us learn as well as taking care of whatever computer issues we have.

Debbie Weger

Greg did a great job!

Greg did a great job! I was in a bind for time and probably could have repaired the problem myself – eventually. However, I needed to get to the software on my computer and couldn’t wait to troubleshoot and fix the problem. He came to my home, fixed the problem without any difficulty, and I was quickly on my way. Thanks, Greg, for your professionalism and speedy service. I very much appreciate it!

Deana Guardado

When all 3 computers

When all 3 computers decided to act up at once, Greg was at our home within 24 hours. His patience, humor, and talent for explaining technological stuff in a non-technological way was terrific. I also appreciated the follow up help he gave me on a couple of questions (how to get the back off of the computer!!!) Greg’s service was fast, reliable and very reasonable. I highly recommend Tech-hachapi to anyone!

Karen S.

Thank you

Thank you for your speedy and great work!!! I greatly appreciated all that you did!!! I’ve already started telling my friends about you!!!

Missy Utz

You were efficient

You were efficient, funny, and didn’t make me leave my comfy chair. Thank you so much for your assistance!!!

Christine Ashworth

So thankful for Greg

So thankful for Greg! He has helped us several times over the last few years, and his rate is very reasonable. He is prompt, courteous, and on top of the computer issues that plaque so many of us. Recommend him highly!!

Marcia Thompson

Great guy, very smart

Great guy, very smart, very willing to work with those that have a busy schedule. Fixed the problem, even though the computer was owned by a blonde. Next time he’ll know. Will highly recommend him to my colleagues, and will definitely call him again when I have a problem. Thanks Greg

Linda Costelloe-Clough

A word from a senior here

A word from a senior here. Greg is PATIENT. He’s like a caring grandson who comes over to help out with even the simplest of things. My introduction to Greg was when my computer screen went white. “A virus” he proclaimed, and promptly fixed it. Our session are usually him showing me the simplest of functions on the computer. He is a good explainer. There is a need for folks who work well with older folks who want to use this technology, but don’t pick up on things as quickly as when young. Thanks Greg. I’m glad I can still use your services when I make my move to Ventura.

Mitzi Chandler

This was excellent in every way

This was excellent in every way. Greg was punctual, courteous, very reasonable and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended

Earl Benton

Highly recommend Greg because he

Highly recommend Greg because he is so helpful (and so nice) ~ What a great combo! Greg has solved several, assorted issues and I will continue to contact him, as necessary ~ And it is necessary!


Greg retrieved data and information

Greg retrieved data and information from my old computer and transferred to my new computer quickly and efficiently, which was greatly appreciated. I will use him for future activity related to computer issues. He comes highly recommended for your needs.

James in Stallion Springs

I work out of my home

I work out of my home as a recruiting consultant. My computer was running slowly. Greg came out the day I called him, cleaned up some things and ordered more memory for me. He came back to install the memory when it came in. His rates were reasonable, work was efficient and he is pleasant to work with. Everything is working faster now. Many thanks, Greg!

Susie Basanda

Wow, same day service!!!

Wow, same day service!!! On time, professional, friendly with a sense of humor! Thank you for the follow up visit. You made my day saving all my data and transferring it to another computer. I believed it was lost for good. I have started referring friends to you. Thanks again for a great job!

Terri Nelson

A friend recommended Greg to me

A friend recommended Greg to me. He is Tehachapi’s best kept secret. Not only did he satisfy all of my needs, he came over right away, and he kept on coming until the job was done. He also gave me tips and ideas on how to make my job a little easier. I am so glad I found him. WHAT A RELIEF!

M.S. London

I wanted to create a website

I wanted to create a website to share my writings with others. As soon as I began, I realized the whole process was way over my head. Greg was able help me create the site, as well as show me how to be self-sufficient from now on, able to make changes and updates without needing any outside support. All this quickly and efficiently, and at a very fair price.

Dean Foster

The computer is once again my friend

The computer is once again my friend. I enjoy buying computer electronics, but hate connecting and installing them. One year after buying some new software and hardware, I quit delaying and just called Greg. Quickly, competently, and painlessly (not to mention at a fair price), everything was up and running flawlessly. I highly recommend Greg’s great services.

Holly Bennett

I sure am glad I found Greg

I sure am glad I found Greg! He came right out and fixed our PC on the spot and was very pleasant to deal with. Highly recommend calling Greg for any computer problems!


This is an unqualified recommendation

This is an unqualified recommendation for Greg Cunningham. He is first class computer expert, a true professional! He is prompt and trustworthy.

Bill Jasper

I highly recommend Greg Cunningham

I highly recommend Greg Cunningham for all your computer-related services; he is extremely knowledgeable and does not hesitate to answer questions I may have; as customer/client, this is very important, as well. The tech service Greg provides is top-notch! 6/17/2022

Marsha Donelson

What a very pleasant surprise

What a very pleasant surprise, wife called to have her laptop looked at and Greg was there the next morning ( at her request ). Explanations were provided that were understandable. He was good natured and very knowledgeable. I had him look at my laptop as well. Needless to say we have our laptops back in great working order. With some recommendations tailored to our needs. I highly recommend Greg, you can have confidence that your experience will be worth while. Thanks Greg.

Rusty Pope

I was ready to throw my laptop and iPhone out the window

I was ready to throw my laptop and iPhone out the window but then I found Greg! He is a life saver. He can fix anything on your computer or iPhone that needs fixing. As a bonus he is also a very nice man. If you have a computer that needs help, Greg is the man for you.

Margaret Paez

My laptop caught a nasty virus

My laptop caught a nasty virus. A friend suggested calling tech-hachapi and I’m so glad I did! Greg was very quick to return calls and to rid that nasty virus from my laptop. He also helped with the performance and speed of my computer and it runs like new again. Thanks a bunch Greg!


We highly recommend Greg Cunningham

We highly recommend Greg Cunningham professional service. He has helped my husband and I many times for all computer repairs at great prices. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and honest. Thank you, Greg Cunningham we truly appreciate you!!

cristina campbell

A+ Service & Results

A+ Service & Results is what you get with Greg at Tech-hachapi. I recommend Greg with great confidence that he will exceed your computer need expectations and become the one to recommend to everyone you know. Greg is a “Super Computer Hero” in our house!

Kimberly Kuhar/Kuhar Grinding

Thank you for the repairs

Thank you for the repairs, advice and solutions. Greg is prompt, witty and a man of his word. Even my dog liked him and the dog hates everyone! I recommend him highly. Thanks, Miki Taylor.

Miki Taylor

Calling Greg to install a new router

Calling Greg to install a new router and upgrade my memory was one of the best decisions I ever made. His expertise and professionalism showed. He was prompt, pleasant, and knowledgeable. I will recommend him to anyone! Gene

Gene Richards

Quick to respond to calls

Quick to respond to calls. Keeps in touch and very easy to talk to. Very reasonable and knowledgeable. Trustworthy. Humorous. Gets the job done. WE LOVE HIM!

Tehachapi Vet Hospital

Greg Cunningham is very

Greg Cunningham is very skilled, easy to work with, (tolerant), worth every penny. Let’s take up a petition banning him from retiring! He has made my cell ph. obey and my laptop obey, and both to get along…
I’m still learning how to get along with both of them, but doing better with Greg’s help.

That is to say, 5 Star service is my vote., I just scrolled down and read others comments, I agree, but I will add, my own comment just because.

Thanks Greg..

Greg Chick


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Hi, my name is Greg Cunningham. In 2006, I moved from Orange County to Tehachapi, sort of in semi-retirement.

While there were (and still are) several good brick-and-mortar PC repair stores in Tehachapi, I saw a need for an on-site PC
repair service. So, in 2007 I started providing on-site technical support to families and businesses in the greater Tehachapi area.

Seventeen years later and thousands of appointments in the greater Tehachapi area, it’s time to retire.

The contact me form on this page doesn’t do anything as I’m no longer taking appointments.

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