Delete your Google Home recordings, Clear wrong autofill entries

Tech Talk #106 – June 22, 2019 Delete your Google Home recordings If you have a Google eavesdropping device, I mean a Google Home product in your house, you probably know that Google Home is recording everything you say after the device’s wake word, which is usually “OK, Google.” Google’s default policy was to keep the collected recordings of you talking to your Google home for a long time. Like, forever. But why? The current

Netflix account sharing, previewing email, flooring your computer

Tech Talk #105 – June 6, 2019 Netflix account sharing, previewing email, flooring your computer The Netflix Terms of Use clearly prohibit you from sharing your Netflix account’s password with family members, neighbors, or friends. Yet, an estimated 24 million people do just that. That’s 24 million people not paying Netflix for their service, but Netflix doesn’t seem to care. Why not? Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said, “password sharing is something you have to

Windows XP security patch, more Intel chip problems

Tech Talk #104 – May 25, 2019 Windows XP security patch Remember back in 2014, when Microsoft ended support for Windows XP? Meaning no more security patches or Windows Updates for computers running XP? It turns out that Microsoft DOES still issue patches for XP, but only emergency security patches. In 2014 Microsoft issued a patch for vulnerabilities in all versions of Internet Explorer. Next, in 2017, there was another emergency patch to fix a

Fake tech support (still), Alexa or privacy (not both), Gmail features

Fake tech support (still) I know, I know. I can’t believe it either, but apparently, those fake tech support scammers are still out there. You know, the one where a window pops up on your computer telling you about a problem with your computer and making it sound urgent you call the number on your screen to get technical support. Or, if not a window on your computer, then maybe it’s a phone call saying

Windows 7 nagging, smartphone diagnostics

Tech Talk #102 – Apr 27, 2019 Windows 7 nagging Microsoft won’t stop supporting Windows 7 (Win7) until January of next year, but Win7 machines will soon start seeing popup messages warning of the end of support. After support ends, Win7 computers will be increasingly vulnerable to security problems. Developers will eventually leave those old PCs behind and stop writing software that works on Win7, as we’ve seen with Windows XP. The popup window has

Smartphone location data

Tech Talk #101 – Apr 13, 2019 Everybody wants the location data in your smartphone. Your carrier, your phone’s operating system, even the apps running on your phone. But why? Why does Verizon, AT&T, Apple, Google, or Candy Crush care so much about where you are? You ask the hard questions, don’t you? Okay, here we go. The carriers (Verizon, AT&T, and the rest) need to know where your phone is so they don’t drop

Chrome password checkup, ji32k7au4a83, 12-inch extension cords

Tech Talk #100 – Mar 30, 2019 Chrome password checkup Every time we hear about a data breach somewhere, we know that a new bunch of usernames and passwords were just stolen and are about to be used against us. Somehow, and by somebody. But how do you tell if YOUR email address and or password was stolen? You can always check by going to and enter your info, but wouldn’t it handy to

Self-driving cars

Tech Talk #99 – Mar 16, 2019 Self-driving cars: the media (whether, for you, that means reading web sites, reading physical papers/magazines, or listening to the radio) seems to be telling us that self-driving cars are finally here. Or that those self-driving cars are almost here. Or even that self-driving cars will never be here. So, who’s right? Technically, everybody. Newer cars come with many driver-assist technologies like making sure you’re in your lane, blind

Inkjet vs. laser, streaming radio

Inkjet vs. lasers You’re probably tired of your printer telling you it’s out of black, magenta, yellow, or cyan ink. And you’re also probably tired of paying the high price of printer cartridges. And once the insatiable thirst for ink is fixed, your inkjet printer is slow, too. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some other way to print out stuff at home? The next time your printer tells you it’s out of ink,

The end of Windows 7, plus microwave ovens and Wi-Fi

Windows 7 support ends Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 with security updates on January 14th, 2020. But don’t worry, your trusty Windows 7 computer will still work, it just won’t get any more security updates. Eventually none of your browsers will be able to update themselves and you also may not be able to connect to some websites. New programs, and new versions of your old programs, may not work anymore either. When Windows