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Tech Talk #86 – Sep. 15, 2018 Scary smartphone stats Addiction. There, I said it. People, Americans in this case, are addicted to their smartphones. Not you and me, though; we’re fine. Other people, probably someone we know, is addicted.   How smartphone-addicted are Americans? People use their phones for an average of 3 hours and 8 minutes a day and check their phone 110 times a day 50% are uncomfortable when they leave their

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Tech Talk #63 – Oct. 28, 2017 And now for something completely different With apologies to Monty Python, I’m taking a break from the doom and gloom of tales about security breaches and giant corporations collecting and selling our data and identity theft.   Let’s start with a question.   Why do smartphones get bigger every year? Seriously. In the beginning, smartphone screens were about 4” (measured diagonally, like TVs – for some reason.) Then