Web browsers and extensions

Tech Talk #64 – Nov. 11, 2017 Web browsers and extensions Are you still using Internet Explorer (IE)? If so, we need to talk.   Are you tired of seeing “Web page not responding” errors? Tired of seeing “Could not connect to secure page” when you try to connect to your bank’s website? How about “An error has occurred in a script on this page,” tired of that one? You can fix all of these

The Internet, privacy, and you

Tech Talk #9 – Sep 26, 2015 Advertisers and social media companies and others are paying for the ‘free’ Internet by tracking which sites we visit, what we search for, how long we stay on a site, what pages we look at, where we live, who our friends are, and more. How can a normal person maintain any privacy on the Internet? Here are some things you can do. If you don’t want your Internet