Spring cleaning

Tech Talk #76 – Apr. 28, 2018   Spring cleaning   Don’t forget your phones, tablets and computers while you’re doing your spring cleaning.   Clean your phone and tablet   Spring cleaning your phone or tablet is all about getting rid of the stuff you don’t need and getting your organization on.   Delete the apps you don’t use regularly – What do I mean by ‘regularly?’ If you don’t know the last time

Computer support scams – don’t fall for ‘em!

Tech Talk #13 – Nov 21, 2015 Say you’re shopping for ’55 Chevy alternator brackets or something, and a super-scary web page like this comes up. The page might even read itself over your speakers.   DON’T PANIC. Do NOT call the number on your screen. It’s just a scam. There is NOTHING WRONG with your computer. Just close your browser and shut down your computer. Give it a minute or so to think about