Tech Talk

Major Windows 10 security problem, Cell phone robocalls

Tech Talk #107 – July 6, 2019 Major Windows 10 security problem Catchy headline, right? That’s what many tech and consumer-facing sites have been running lately, but it’s not quite true. While there IS a major security problem, and it DOES affect Windows 10, the problem doesn’t come from Microsoft, it comes from software pre-installed on many new computers. The pre-installed software is called the PC-Doctor Toolbox. While it sounds useful, PC-Doctor Toolbox has a

Delete your Google Home recordings, Clear wrong autofill entries

Tech Talk #106 – June 22, 2019 Delete your Google Home recordings If you have a Google eavesdropping device, I mean a Google Home product in your house, you probably know that Google Home is recording everything you say after the device’s wake word, which is usually “OK, Google.” Google’s default policy was to keep the collected recordings of you talking to your Google home for a long time. Like, forever. But why? The current

Netflix account sharing, previewing email, flooring your computer

Tech Talk #105 – June 6, 2019 Netflix account sharing, previewing email, flooring your computer The Netflix Terms of Use clearly prohibit you from sharing your Netflix account’s password with family members, neighbors, or friends. Yet, an estimated 24 million people do just that. That’s 24 million people not paying Netflix for their service, but Netflix doesn’t seem to care. Why not? Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said, “password sharing is something you have to