Tech Talk

Google Docs tips, shut down or restart?

Tech Talk #147 – Jan 16, 2021 Google Docs tips Have you been using Google Docs more since COVID-19 changed our work and school lives? Here are a few handy tips for using Google Docs. Word count If you're working on an assignment with a word limit, you can set a word count to display in and trying not to go over; you can show the word count in your document by going to Tools

Uses For Old Smartphones and Unplugging USB drives

Tech Talk #146 – Jan 2, 2021 Uses For Old Smartphones Unless you're trading in your old phone or maybe reselling it yourself to help pay for your new phone, or your old phone has battery problems or a cracked screen, here are a few ways you can still use your old smartphone. Even without carrier activation or a SIM card, you can use your old smartphone to get online and to download apps over

Browser privacy

Tech Talk #145 – Dec. 19, 2020 Browsers are the tools we use to get on the internet. Whether we click on the orange Firefox icon, the swirly blue Edge icon, the compass-y looking Safari icon, or the red "O" of Opera, the thing that opens is called a browser. And a browser is the thing we use on our computer or phone or tablet, that takes us to the internet to check our mail,