Making your online life more secure

Tech Talk #52 – May 27, 2017 Making your online life more secure Your digital ‘you’ is all over the internet. From those websites you had to create an account for to buy that one thing that one time, to web forums you don’t go to anymore, to ghost-filled social media sites, you’re all over the place.   Here are some tips to make your online life more secure.   Close accounts you don’t use

Delete an autocomplete entry from Outlook

Tech Talk #51 – May 13, 2017 Delete an autocomplete entry from Outlook Outlook “remembers” every email address you type into the address fields To: cc: and bcc: even you accidentally type in a wrong email address. If one of your contacts gets a new email address and you update their contact record, the new address and the old address will still show up as you type in any of the address fields.   Don’t

ISPs and online privacy – what’s everyone talking about?

Tech Talk #50 – April 29, 2017 ISPs and online privacy – what’s everyone talking about? For the past few weeks, you may have seen stories about ISPs being able to sell your browsing history to advertisers. Let’s clear up a few things.   First off, ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. ISPs are companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum, and others, that, well, provide internet service to their customers.   To connect your computer

Free alternatives to expensive software

Tech Talk #49 – April 15, 2017 A new computer comes with everything you need to do the basics, like checking your email, doing some web browsing, binge-watching something on Netflix, or enjoying a little shopping on Amazon.   But what if you need to write a letter, do some 3D animation, design a logo, record a multitrack tune, edit a video, or remove the tourists from your photo of the Eiffel tower?   To

Switching from Windows to Mac or Mac to Windows

Tech Talk #48 – April 1, 2017 Switching from Windows to Mac or Mac to Windows   You’re finally ready.   After years of hearing from your friends about all the ways MacOS and Apple hardware is better than Windows or PC hardware, you’re ready to make the switch from PC to Mac.   Or, maybe after watching as Apple focused on iPads and iPhones while letting their entire iMac and MacBook Pro lines miss

Phone call scams

Tech Talk #47 – March 18, 2017 Most of us probably don’t answer a phone call when it’s from a number we don’t know. We know it’s probably some kind of scam trying to separate us from our money. Here are the newest phone scams to watch out for.   Phone scam #1: In this scam, you get a call from a robocall autodialer using fake caller ID information that hangs up before you can

Protect your computer against Ransomware

Tech Talk #46 – March 4, 2017 Ransomware sneaks onto your computer by either tricking you into opening an attachment or by subverting ads on websites you visit.   Once on your computer, ransomware modifies your files by creating an encrypted copy of a file and then deleting the original file. It does this to all of your files, and holds them for ransom; you have to pay to get your pictures and documents back.

Computer slowing down? Here’s how to fix it

Tech Talk #45 – February 18, 2017 Even the fastest computer can slow down as time goes by. Here are a few things you can do to make it run like new again.   Watch out for programs that auto-start Some programs want to start up every time you boot your computer and get loaded into RAM to be ready to go. Unless it’s a program you run every time you use your computer; this

Internet Explorer’s replacement – should you use it?

Tech Talk #44 – February 4, 2017 Microsoft went back to the drawing board and built Microsoft Edge to replace the aging and vulnerable Internet Explorer (IE.) Here are some of the best reasons to use Edge instead of IE: Cortana integration: You can use Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana inside Edge. Use the address bar to ask Cortana to ask questions and get the information you need. If you right-click on a picture in a

Give Google amnesia

Tech Talk #43 – January 21, 2017 Google makes things convenient, and that convenience comes, in part, because of what Google ‘knows’ about you and your habits. Everything you search for at home or on your phone, where you go with your phone, and if you’ve ever use OK Google, it keeps that too.   To be fair, Google does give us a way to see what they’re capturing about us and even ways to